Leaders in innovation

We’re continuing our legacy of producing life-changing experiences by harnessing new technologies to make education even more relevant and immersive. Nobody else comes even close to matching our investment in research and product development. Innovation is not just about technology at EF: it extends to our methodology, which is based on deep academic expertise and constantly updated with the latest research findings.

A long history of industry firsts

  1. 1998
    First online language lesson
  2. 2001
    First online industry-specific course content
  3. 2004
    First video-based online lessons
  4. 2010
    First task-based interactive lessons
  5. 2011
    Mobile apps launched
  6. 2013
    Personalized learning path through adaptive algorithms
  7. 2014
    First free standardized testing with EF SET
  8. 2015
    Virtual private lessons introduced as standard
  9. 2017
    Virtual classroom on mobile
  10. 2019
    New teacher and young learner tools Teach Online and Study Buddy launched

What’s next for EF?

At EF we are investing heavily in micro-learning – English Live is increasingly built in order to allow students the opportunity to inject bite-size learning, at their own pace, in engaging formats.

EF’s revolutionary new chatbot is an AI-powered conversation-driven language learning app. Innovative. Intuitive. Fun.

We are using augmented reality-technology to help students learn the vocabulary of things around them – as well as 3D generated objects – directly on a smartphone.

Our new teacher app, matching teachers with students in real-time, vastly improves lesson booking efficiency and gives teachers immediate access to the student’s learning history.